What is Damp and why is it bad?

There can be various causes for dampness and water ingress in your caravan or motorhome, but this is generally caused by moisture.

It’s often hard to determine the original cause of where the dampness came from, and requires an analysis to determine the cause of the dampness and how it can be resolved.

Damp is bad because it could eventually develop into mould, in turn potentially affecting your health and the health of others present in that vehicle (e.g. breathing problems), and can over time break down the construction and appearance of your vehicle, as well as affecting its value.

We specialise in removing dampness

We provide a free no-obligation survey and quote to assess your damp/mould issue and offer a means of removing it.

We provide all levels of damp repairs and undertaking, including wall re-paneling and external resealing, and attend to all parts of your vehicle (including walls, floors, panels, etc ).

Call us on 078 4000 5614 for a free quote

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